Is anyone NOT playing Pokemon Go?

I am utterly amazed at the phenomenon Pokemon Go has become. In less than a week, Nintendo has changed the world.

I’m on my lunch break at work sitting outside, and I swear every second or third person I see walking by here in Bangor is playing. Doesn’t help that the park across the street is a gym. I’ve never seen such a sheer amount of people playing a game before. It’s pretty amazing.

Nintendo has managed to get people of all ages to get up and walk more simply to catch Pokemon! It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts.

I do agree with my brother tho, i wanna know when we’re gonna get an augmented reality game that lets you find the Dragon Balls 🙂

7 Responses to Is anyone NOT playing Pokemon Go?

  1. I’m not. I think it’s dumb, but then maybe I am the dumb one for just not getting “it”.

  2. we went to a shopping complex and there were TONS of people walking all over the place in groups playing, its pretty fun and gives you something to do while walking around other than just walk around

  3. I give it a couple months, then the fad players will stop, and the real community will keep going.

  4. My phone doesn’t like it and I already wander outside all the time anyway. I think it’s nice it’s getting people more active and social though.

  5. I was quite surprised by how everyone was very social out at that Shopping complex area…especially where I could see most people were kinda like myself and seemed like the type who enjoyed playing their games but did not have any real interest in striking up conversations with random people out in the world…Pokemon seems to be bringing people out who may have been more introverted and making them much more outgoing / social.

  6. I have zero spare time.

  7. I think they were always this social, just scared to talk to strangers but as long as pokemon is involved strangers are A ok