Its official. I have the gout.

So yesterday I spent the entire morning at the Emergency Room at Mayo Regional Hospital because of the pain in my foot.  Doctor took one look at it and said “Yep, you’ve got gout.”  I eventually got a shot of something to help with it, had some blood drawn, and got an x-ray taken.  Also got a prescription for an anti-inflammatory med to help it get better.

Yesterday and today I pretty much spent off my feet with my foot elevated.  GOD it was boring.  I could barely hobble around the house, and trying to drive was just far too painful, all that moving of the right foot.  I did manage to get a handful of things done for TRC that I’d putting off for god knows how long.

The swelling has finally started to go down and the pain is much more bearable.  Still not sure if I’m going to be able to pull my shoes on in the morning, so they might just have to deal with me in sandals at work tomorrow. We’ll see how swollen it still is come morning.