Server upgrade is complete

My shiny new 5TB drive came on Monday!  I spent the next two days attempting to migrate my server onto it.  Originally, I was going to just put a fresh install of Debian on it, but then I remembered something.  Setting up the Minecraft server. Was. A. Bitch.  And in all my infinite wisdom, I neglected to bookmark or save the instructions that finally worked.  So I went with migrating instead.  First I ran into issues with MBR partition schemes not liking a partition being over 4TB or some shit.  So I had to go with GPT.  Then I ran into issues with GRUB, and not having a silly partition.

In the end I got it working.  Boots great, has an enormous partition for storage!  I’ve spent the rest of the week migrating data from iMac and my external drive.  iMac went pretty quick over my gigabit network.  External drive has been another story.  I’m 85% sure its failing, as it always had issues on the iMac.  Linux managed to mount it read-only directly!  Its been copying for days.  Hasn’t given me any errors, or magically unmounted itself like it does on the iMac.  Its just been going soooooo slooooowwwww.  I can’t complain, as I’m actually getting all this data I wasn’t expecting to get.

It still has 3 hours to finish the final copy. Insane.  Total on this final copy was 36 hours for like 600GB I think.

Anyways, I need to be in bed. I’m on call this week at work and really need to get some sleep.