New Years in the Woods

I went up to Jackman this year for New Years, continuing a semi-regular tradition.  On the ride up, I saw 6 moose, which got me my “moose quota” for 2015.  I even saw a two-fer, where they nearly tripped over each other trying to get up a hillside away from the road.

It was good to see Craig and company.  I hadn’t been up since this summer when I had the rental truck.  Was pretty nice to go adventuring out on the back woods roads again in MY truck.

Only down-side to the adventure was pretty much as soon as I got there, my body gave into the head-cold thats been going around work for the last week or so.  I’m all stuffed up now and feeling pretty borderline miserable.  I sure hope I feel better in the morning for work 🙁

Also, once again, I didn’t take a single damn picture all weekend. I need to stop doing that.