Alternate Computer Plan

Back in November, I posted about the Gaming PC I was dreaming of building.  Well, I’ve been doing alot of thing about that plan, and I believe I have revamped it a bit.  It truly makes no sense to go full hog and build a super computer when I honestly don’t do that much gaming.  I don’t super power, I just need decent.

First, I re-assessed my current computer setup.  I’m using my Core2Duo iMac pretty much every day.  Its on the desk, and its available.  Dual screens, and it serves my Plex library for my Roku.  Behind the second screen, I have the Minecraft Server running.  Its a quad-core 2nd gen i7, small form factor.  All it does is run Minecraft.

Originally this setup worked.  Several people were playing Minecraft, we needed the ooomph in the server.  Since I’ve moved home though, things have changed.  I haven’t played Minecraft in months myself… Perry got sucked in by Fallout 4, and most everyone else pretty much stopped playing Minecraft.  It just seems wrong to me to have that powerful machine sitting here doing practically nothing. (not to mention the internet connection here is MUCH slower than I had in Searsport, so I think Minecraft won’t run too hot anyways for anyone not physically here).

My new plan is to swap the computers.  Use the iMac as the server, and the pc as my general desktop / gaming machine.  I would even go so far as to run Linux on the iMac, as it would have no need for the overhead of OS X.

This plan would require less new parts than building a whole computer as well. I figure all I truly need is a new monitor (this 15″ I have will never cut it), along with a new & bigger hd for the iMac for server purposes.  I will probably end up getting a new graphics card too, but I may be able to get by with the on-board i7 graphics at first.  Its gotta be an upgrade from the old card in the iMac.  One downside is the pc is small form factor, and can only take a low-profile card.

Here’s the parts I’m looking at:

Western Digital Blue 4TB Drive for the iMac

GeForce GT 730 4GB DDR3 LP Video Card

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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