Friggen Healthcare

I’ve been getting phone calls and emails for the last few weeks from They want me to renew my evil health plan.  Well, as of Jan. 1st I can get healthcare through my job.

Does anyone know how I can tell them this so they’ll stop harassing me??  I looked on their evil website and got nowhere fast.

8 Responses to Friggen Healthcare

  1. generally the way one tells people things is with words. Either written or spoken, generally through electronic devices such as a telephone or computer. Now when you get in contact with an actual human on the other end, things can get dicey. You need to make the correct sounds from your talking apparatus so they understand that you will have insurance as of Jan 1st. If you need any other further tips let me know

  2. In actuality you dont need to tell them shit. If you cancel your plan now and pick up a work one in January they won’t even notice you, i highly doubt any penalties come your way for less than a month.

  3. i hope so. i’m just sick of the phone calls and emails they’re sending me. up to like 4 a day.

  4. I’ve never had a plan through that, and have commercial insurance, and I get about as many notifications as you.

  5. Re-register for the “do not call” list. That usually bumps down the “un-essential” phone calls at least.