Facebook, you crafty expletive…

Facebook irritated the hell out of me today.  They overhauled the whole setup used to show a facebook page feed on a website.  It used to use an iframe, but now it uses some demonic javascript.

Visually, I love what they’ve done.  You can now see a small version of the page’s cover photo, and it looks very fancy.  I have one severe gripe though.  The widget is now limited to be a whopping 500 pixels wide.  This posed an issue for me, as I have 15 (yes, I counted) facebook feeds on TRC, and most of them are built at 800 pixels wide, to fill the page.

So I had to go and update all the coding for 15 seperate feeds tonight.  And I get to do it again at work tomorow for the 3 feeds there!

Thanks Facebook.