• Let’s try this again, shall we?

    I’m back on the weight-loss train.  I’ve taken Step #1, and switched back to Diet Pepsi.  I’ve done this once before, years ago, and just simply from switching to diet soda I lost 30 pounds in a handful of months.

    I tried to do this switch earlier this year, but I couldn’t stick with it.  I think it was just the cans.  I’ve been an avid drinking of Mt. Dew in cans for years now, but Diet Pepsi in cans sucks.  It goes flat WAY too fast, and then it tastes like crap.  I’m gonna do bottles this time around and see if it makes a difference.

    Once I’m comfortable with Step #1, we’ll move onto Step #2: Walking.  Step #3 will be a major attempt at eating healthier.

    Small steps….

  • And we’re back.

    Seems I don’t post as much on here when I’m not playing Minecraft :)

    I started scanning Town Criers again tonight. Its been far too long that I’ve been putting it off :(  I’m hoping to get the two years I have here done in the next week or two.  I want to get into a good groove and just get this project finished :)

  • Witty title about Minecraft progress not found.

    I’ve found that I need to finish Pyke before I can move onto Diablo 3.  I just need to get it all out of my head.

    2014-09-02_23.58.51I expanded the area with buildings above water a little bit.2014-09-02_23.59.23I haven’t even GOTTEN to the actual land yet.2014-09-03_00.00.02I plan on filling in this cove with harbor too.  Not as much, but some. And a huge fish market.2014-09-03_00.00.29Eventually, there will be a large castle on this snowy bit.  It will be very similar to Pyke, actually :)